A Look Into the Different Types of Tiny House Interiors

Camping has long been one of America’s favorite activities. The trend remains strong; a PR Newswire report showed that 48% of North Americans still participate in camping and other leisure travel. 

However, camping can take several forms. Some people love to go out into the mountains with nothing but a tent and some tools for shelter. Others like the idea of outdoor retreats but don’t want to spend their time exposed to the elements. 

Fortunately, there’s a solution. Tiny home camping allows you to have an outdoor retreat while providing indoor shelter.

A tiny house’s interior can provide more than mere shelter. It can also provide comfort in close proximity, allowing you to grow closer to your fellow travelers. 

Several types of tiny house styles exist, each with its own interior design. We’ll discuss several of these designs in this guide!

Find a Spacious Tiny House Interior

It may sound contradictory to say that some tiny home interiors are very spacious. However, tiny homes thrive off the concept of “less is more.” 

Renting a small house for your camping trip strips life down to necessities. These houses often have sparse furnishings. Generally, they include a bed, a desk, and other essentials.

As a result, there’s much less clutter in these structures than in traditional homes. You may find a tiny house has more room than you expected. As such, they can still be a unique campground for you and some travel buddies. 

Minimalist Tiny House Styles

Some tiny houses take advantage of rural surroundings and natural landscapes in unique ways. For example, some minimalist styles have entire sections that can open up to the outdoors. In this way, your house becomes like a massive tent.

These minimalist styles bring the outdoors into your interior. The space makes even the tiniest house feel like an open pasture. 

However, there is a price to pay when you choose these houses. They often have fewer interior trappings and less square footage.

Don’t worry about the essentials, though! Even the most minimalist opening houses still have bathrooms and kitchens. 

Glass Door Tiny Houses

One popular tiny house design takes the phrase “those who live in glass houses” literally. These homes have walls that consist of several glass doors. Instead of removing whole sections of the house, you can choose what doors to open to bring the outdoors inside. 

This approach gives you more selection than the minimalist style mentioned above. It can also provide increased convenience since there are so many entries and exits. 

These houses often work best when combined with a deck. This way, you can open your doors and go out to a spacious outdoor area. The deck can be an excellent place to gather and grill a meal. 

Two-Story Tiny Homes

Tiny houses generally come in two shapes:

  • Flat and wide
  • Tall and narrow

Flat and wide houses are one-story houses. All of the square footage goes into its width. 

Tall and narrow houses, however, are generally two stories. Usually, the second floor consists of a small bedroom. The lower floor has essentials like a kitchen, bathroom, and living room. 

Two-story houses can be top-notch choices for family camp trips. The upstairs bedroom provides a master space for parents. In contrast, the lower area can provide sleeping space for children. 

Cool Interior Designs

When we say “cool” interior designs, we mean houses with lower interior temperatures. Many campers enjoy going out for trips during the warmer months.

However, many people also don’t enjoy baking in the heat every day. Cooler interior designs offer a solution to this problem. These interiors provide more airflow and absorb less heat from outside. 

Often, the best structures for cool interior spaces use stonework. Stone structures absorb less heat than many other materials. This way, the inside feels like a nice, cold cave. 

Stone structures also provide sturdy resistance to the elements. You can trust stones to hold up in a storm much more than a tent. 

Configurable Furnishings in the House

Tiny houses have to make the most of the space they include. Naturally, that can make furnishing the house difficult.

Fortunately, some interior home designs use an ingenious solution. They utilize configurable furnishings to maximize the functionality of their furniture. 

Some houses do this by having pull-down beds that you can use at night. Once you get up in the morning, you can push the beds back into the walls. 

Others do this with additional furniture types. For example, you may see kitchen tables that you can pull down from the wall. 

Some houses even get creative with their steps and stairs. Sometimes, you can move or rearrange them to access additional storage areas. 

Modern Tiny Homes

Modern tiny homes are an incredible feat of design. Designers take a house with 500 square feet or less and make it look and feel like a modern home. 

These houses generally have many of the amenities you’d see in a traditional house. These include kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, lofts, and stairways. The best models avoid clutter while also keeping the design compact. 

Find the Best Interior Design for Tiny Homes

A tiny house interior doesn’t have to be sparse and uncomfortable. Expert designers know how to craft a house that’s perfect for minimalist living while still enabling comfort. 

Who knows? Maybe you’ll enjoy your camping trip so much that you’d like to live in a tiny house full-time! 

So, how can you find a tiny house that fits your design needs? One option is to search for houses we designed. 

Our company designs ideal houses for tiny home camping trips. We utilize the best strategies and methods to make these houses comfortable for you and your fellow travelers. 

So, don’t hesitate! Contact us today to find the best camping locations for your trip.