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Best tiny home builders in Florida

What to look for in a builder

When searching for a tiny house builder in Florida or any other state there are few things to be aware of to make the optimal choice. Some are the typical things you would want to know from any construction contractor such as how long they have been in business, how many times have they done what you are asking them to do, referrals and pricing. When searching for a tiny home builder you will also want to understand which building codes or standard they comply with. This could be one of the national standards such as HUD and RVIA or could be a more localized solution like Buildsworth or NOAH.

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Tampa Bay Tiny Homes

We are a little biased for sure but our favorite tiny home builder in Florida is Tampa Bay Tiny Homes. “With 20 years of residential new home construction,  extensive remodeling, refinishing and project  site management Tampa Bay Tiny Homes is a premier provider of tiny house design and build services.  We were founded in 2016 by a group of local business owners who had a strong desire to have more positive impact on the world with the work they were doing.  Being lucky enough to have friends and business partners with diverse backgrounds in construction, real estate, horticulture, technology and program management allowed us to organically grow into Tampa Bay Tiny Homes!”

Tiny House Builder Florida

Other builders in Florida

In addition to Tampa Bay Tiny Homes two reputable builders we have personal experience with are Movable Roots and Cornerstone Tiny Homes. Movable Roots is a small builder who focuses equally on their standard build options and completely custom homes. They have done some really unique and quality builds over the past few years. Cornerstone Tiny Homes is more of a traditional builder who got into the tiny house business. They are more formal and produce high quality more lego block style tiny homes. Between these two builders you have some solid options depending on the type of experience and build you are seeking.