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Does Camping in a Tiny House Present a Realistic Option?

Can you go camping in the United States in a tiny house? The answer to this question interests numerous fans of these diminutive structures. The availability of tiny house camping typically depends upon the type (and size) of your dwelling. However, today a large number of private campgrounds and RV parks welcome visitors towing tiny houses. You can find a tiny house campground in most states!

Diverse Tiny House Designs

Just like other types of houses, tiny homes embrace a wide array of sizes, styles, and floor plans. Permanently affixed structures won’t serve the purposes of most campers, (unless the owners buy or lease a permanent residential lot in the campground, of course LOL!). Don’t plan on relocating a permanently situated tiny home into the wilderness during a brief vacation.

However, a large number of tiny houses do facilitate travel and tiny house camping. Small homes constructed on towed platforms or carriages lend themselves to temporary relocations. Width, length and height all matter for tiny house camping purposes; in some cases, a tiny dwelling essentially doubles as a trailer home on wheels.

Select a Portable Model For Tiny House Camping

It makes sense to choose your tiny house design with your long term goals for the home in mind. For instance, if you plan on using a tiny house like a travel trailer at a tiny house campground, then it generally makes sense to search for a compact, light weight one story (or at the most, two story), portable model. You’ll need to find a design capable of meeting your state’s requirements for towed trailer homes or fifth wheels. Remember, if you plan on taking your tiny house into a camping area, you may need to travel along mountainous highways, through narrow tunnels, and beneath underpasses or low bridges in order to reach your destination.

By contrast, if you envision affixing your tiny house to a permanent foundation, then you may wish to consider additional designs and floor plans for your residence. Today, buyers and builders enjoy access to a wide array of creative tiny house models. Some diminutive homes offer multi-story convenience. They tower upwards two, three, or even four levels in height.

Check With Campgrounds in Advance

To avoid disappointment while camping in a tiny house, you’ll also want to confirm the camp’s willingness to accept these structures in a specific camping area. In general, private campgrounds and RV parks permit customers to camp in tiny houses more readily than conventional public campgrounds. National Parks and most State Parks seek to minimize the environmental footprint of visitors on the landscape. Their regulations may not accept many models of tiny houses, especially if these structures maintain high or overly wide dimensions. Many public parks supply narrow roadways; their rules sometimes place limitations upon the types of vehicles capable of accessing certain natural areas.

Some tiny house owners do report they receive a welcome reception at most private camps. Since tiny house campground rules change from time to time, it makes sense to check first, however. Also contact the Motor Vehicle Departments of every state you plan to enter on your way to (or from) the campground. They’ll inform you about any specific statewide transportation regulations applying to your tiny house camping vehicle. Depending upon its dimensions, you may need to comply with specific towing regulations for wide loads, for example. Some states may expect you to stop at weigh stations.

Plan Your Entire Tiny House Camping Trip

As you prepare for a camping trip in a tiny house, consider keeping your research well organized. Putting all your paperwork in a single binder or file helps. You’ll save time and money by planning as many details of your travel itinerary as possible in advance.

By ensuring you can transport your tiny house legally from its current location to a specific campground along a designated route, you’ll enjoy an easier trip. Make sure you know the specific dimensions of your tiny house trailer. Also carry along any applicable registrations or permits, insurance documents, and other paperwork for this home on wheels. Having accurate information at your fingertips could prove important if unexpected events impact your journey.

A Fun Vacation!

Today, tiny house camping appeals to a growing number of people. These diminutive houses provide a wonderful place for relaxation. Savor a great campground stay in your cute little house on wheels!

Tiny House Camping and Tiny Houses for Rent near me

The tiny house trend is moving into the world of camping and vacation homes. Planning a weekend getaway no longer means you have to rent a crazy huge house. You’re never there for long anyway. We’ve got a look into the world of tiny house camping.

Tiny House Camping Takes Off

A tiny house takes camping, or glamping, to the next level. Tiny house camping is all about the space of a traditional home, yet in tiny quarters. Each of the homes has a unique living space. They’re focused on only the necessities. Tiny houses are like travel trailers without wheels. Also, you don’t need to worry about maintenance and gas if you’re renting them. Tiny house camping is about getting back to basics by being one with nature. The only difference is you aren’t sleeping on the ground in a tent. You get to enjoy the luxuries of heating and air conditioning along with a hot shower. If the idea piques your interest and now you’re rushing to the computer to search, “tiny house for rent near me,” then you’ve come to the right place.

The Solution To The Loud Outside World

The answer to finding a tiny house for rent near me could be only a few miles down the road. You don’t have to travel thousands of miles to be closer to nature. Check out our little mini houses that let you live large, yet feel like you’re roughing it in the outdoors. Each vacation rental brings you the comfort of your own home. You get all you need without the need for a lantern to sleep. It’s so nice at times to just get back to the basics of life when life is so fast and crazy all of the time. Bigger and better is the usual speed for most people. Vacation in a tiny house for rent near me is the perfect solution to get away from the outside world, yet still feel like you’re glamping.

Why Rent A Tiny House

Tiny homes aren’t just down the road from you. They’re all over the world. Whether you want to enjoy a little holiday getaway with your family or take time away with your significant other, a tiny home has all you need. You can focus on the activities near the home rather than cleaning it up all day. When you don’t need the extravagance of a huge vacation rental home, a tiny house is perfect. You sleep and eat in your home then get outside for adventures in the morning. You can sit by the fire well into the night, then retire to your comfortable bed. Take a hike, explore waterfalls, go for adventures in the city, and/or just sit staring at the beauty of nature. Whatever you do outside your tiny home refreshes you.

Not Your Everyday Hotel

Think of the nicest hotel you’ve ever stayed in. Unless you rented the penthouse, you probably didn’t stay in a huge area. A tiny home offers this time of five-star access with more privacy. You get outdoor access. You may get a fireplace. A hotel can’t have the same access to the beauty of the outdoors like a tiny home. These are more original than hotels. They feel just like home with a little less space than most homes.

Turn Back Time

Maybe our ancestors had the right idea about living in a small space. Most of them didn’t live in mansions. Their tiny houses were where entire families went to sleep at night. No one needed the luxuries of today. It was basic. It was simple, yet it was a joyous time for most people. Taking away the luxuries brings us back to nature. You can do this type of camping anywhere in the world. Mini vacation homes can be found right beside waterfalls, along the beach, high in the mountains, and just about anywhere you can think of to camp. If you don’t like setting up a tent, shivering through the night and taking bathroom breaks in the forest, a tiny home for camping is perfect for you. We seem to dream of simpler times even when we live in mansions. We clean our enormous homes, yet don’t want to go on vacation to do the same. A tiny house for camping gives us the luxury of turning back time. You still get all of the luxuries of a vacation, but you feel one with nature. You get to take control of your vacation by enjoying time with your family in a sweet, close setting without all the pain of a huge vacation home.

Large Groups Can Do Some Really Big Tiny House Camping

Affordable, environmentally-conscious group travel makes sense. Smart, large parties can save money, resources and energy together. Wedding showers, reunions and family vacations are all trending towards sustainable options.

However at spring break or celebratory times, people tend to draw the line at camping trips. Outdated stigmas inspire reservations and questions: “Will we be far out? What will we eat? Are there bathrooms?” Be your crowd’s progressive voice and get to know tiny house camping, then turn others into believers to take along for the ride.

Pick a spot on the map: The entire U.S. is sprinkled with tiny houses for camping trips.

The spectacular growth of tiny house construction and communities created something for every group, budget and experience wish. Most online travel hubs, housing swap and home share sites bring many answers to the search “Is there tiny house camping near me?”

Tiny houses give the best of all worlds, with outdoorsy vacationing near metropolitan areas and small towns. Poll your group on their preferences:

  • Do we want mountain views, remote trails or quiet forests?
  • Are small town conveniences necessary?
  • Do we need big city attractions in driving distance?
  • Should we just shelter from the whole world for days?

You’ll nail it when you compile the most popular responses and, of course, factor in group members’ average budgets.

A Tiny House Camping Community is ideal for first-time campers (and skeptics).

Camping trips can go all the way rogue, with fishing and fires. Or they can border on glamping with concierges, security and community dining in some unique developments.

The beauty of group tiny house camping is experienced campers, hikers and outdoor enthusiasts can dive right in. Then, newbies still have familiar semblances of home to cling to. It’s truly a win-win adventure for all.

Your tribe will have much more space than they realize.

Siblings, summer camp pals and college friends remember the bunk bed days. Tiny house camping does way better than this. Particularly ingenious constructions feature up to three bedrooms.

Expect a queen or king size loft space at least two parties can share above everyone else. Convertibles abound throughout tiny houses, with sofas and dining room tables switching to comfy beds in a few quick steps.

Veteran camping diehards can post up outside in tents and sleeping bags, with access to tiny house advantages like showers and bathrooms. Those advantages also include electrical outlets, to charge computers and phones.

Hot tub, anyone? Tiny houses have huge amenities.

You’ll figure out “What can I get from my tiny house?” after you answer “Where’s tiny house camping near me?” If location is most important, go for it. Just remember: Some people may really want that deck hot tub even it means they’ll drive further or pay more.

Other common tiny house add-ons are:

  • In-house washer and dryer
  • Outdoor saunas
  • Surround sound
  • Property grills
  • Compost toilets

Research the area’s rules and regulations.

If your group wants to fish or hunt game, apply for the area’s licenses and permits in advance. The last thing you’ll need while you’re creating stories and posting memories is an official’s tap on your shoulder.

Your first time organizing a group tiny house camping excursion will not be your last once you put people onto its value. The ultimate benefit for you is getting to know tiny house territory with a group so you can return and go the rugged route on your own later.