Day: April 16, 2020

What defines a tiny house?

Tiny House on Foundation

Per Section AQ102 of the 2018 International Residential Code : A Tiny House is considered a Dwelling that is 400 square feet in floor area or less, excluding lofts. … A Dwelling is any building that contains one or two Dwelling Units intended to be used and occupied for living purposes.

tiny house on foundation interior

Tiny House on Wheels

Tiny houses on wheels have a less unified structure to building standards, inspections, licensing and placement. Most states classify a tiny house on a trailer an RV. In that case all state regulations for an RV apply to your tiny home including where you can park, how long it can be in continuous habitation and hookup requirements. Check your states regulations on RVs. Some states do classify a tiny house on a trailer as a park model mobile home certified by HUD in which case your tiny home would fall under those regulations. Its still complicated as this industry develops there are challenges!

Tiny Challenges: Too few places to live!

According to The Tiny House Association “too few legal places to live is the biggest problem in going tiny. It’s a source of difficulty and frustration for tiny house dwellers and lost financial opportunity for the businesses ready to serve them. Whether you already live tiny, or hope to one day, it just makes sense to work now to change the rules so that your preferred lifestyle will be a viable option in the place you want to live.

ATHA volunteers across the country are helping craft the tiny friendly ordinances that your community needs too. Instead of reinventing the wheel, help support their work.

Then put their experiences—both good and bad—to use helping right-size the housing policies where you want to live. Let’s be honest. Changing the rules is hard. It takes time. But it will go better with your help, and may not happen at all without it.” is working to help solve that problem! Search tiny house camping or communities now!