Day: April 8, 2020

Why do people like tiny house camping?

What is it about camping in a tiny house that’s different from a tent, an RV or a cabin? For some people that maybe the novelty that’s something they haven’t experienced before. For others it’s the simplicity, the design, the cost or  sustainability. Underlying our curiosity about Tiny House camping is a desire to live differently. By shedding many of the luxuries and material possessions that normally occupy us we have time to focus on the beauty of nature all around us. Time to notice the animals moving through the leaves, the birds and squirrels in the trees. time to let our mind wander rather than  mindlessly move from task to task. Tiny House camping may start as a novelty weekend adventure and lead to a total lifestyle transformation.

Tiny House Camping

Just because its fun and different!

Never been in a tiny house? Tiny House camping could be a great way to explore this unique lifestyle with little investment or risk. Simply enjoy being in a well-designed tiny house for a weekend getaway, see what it’s like to live in close quarters. how can you take the lessons you learned by living minimalistically back to your everyday life. What did you pray for? What do you have that you didn’t even think about? What could you get rid of? What has this experience shown you about yourself? I highly recommend our weekend of Tiny House camping in a beautiful area you’ve never explored!  Western North Carolina has so many amazing spots.

All the nature, none of the sacrifice

Glamping is a big term these days and it makes sense because what would be better than having most of the luxuries of home but being out in nature. Tiny House camping truly provides the best of the best when it comes to glamping. Feel completely at home with all the amenities of your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, electricity and more. Feel more at home with materials that remind you of a typical residential home versus the feel of an RV. many tiny house camping locations have decks for that patio feel with amazing views.

Tiny house design is so interesting! 

The Unique Designs that are implemented by tiny house builders can be the main show! Using beautiful unique materials and well thought-out space-saving designs many builders are creating true works of art. every small detail is considered when you’re working with so little space. Many people can appreciate having multiple uses for everything in the home. hiding useful compartments and features out of normal sight can be really intriguing. With so many amazing tiny homes there’s always a new design feature to talk about. The more Tiny House camping weekends the better!

Tiny house camping can be sustainable

When built and located properly tiny homes can be extremely sustainable. That starts from design, material selections, construction and site development. many tiny homes are built with upcycled or repurposed materials. Pallet wood, reclaimed wood floors, used windows and doors are just a few examples. features like solar, wind, water catchment, compostable toilets are commonplace. Many tiny houses have grey water systems, high efficiency appliances, fireplaces and gardens. 

There are so many reasons to enjoy tiny house camping for the weekend, for a few years or for a lifetime!