Day: February 24, 2020

Tiny House Camping and Tiny Houses for Rent near me

The tiny house trend is moving into the world of camping and vacation homes. Planning a weekend getaway no longer means you have to rent a crazy huge house. You’re never there for long anyway. We’ve got a look into the world of tiny house camping.

Tiny House Camping Takes Off

A tiny house takes camping, or glamping, to the next level. Tiny house camping is all about the space of a traditional home, yet in tiny quarters. Each of the homes has a unique living space. They’re focused on only the necessities. Tiny houses are like travel trailers without wheels. Also, you don’t need to worry about maintenance and gas if you’re renting them. Tiny house camping is about getting back to basics by being one with nature. The only difference is you aren’t sleeping on the ground in a tent. You get to enjoy the luxuries of heating and air conditioning along with a hot shower. If the idea piques your interest and now you’re rushing to the computer to search, “tiny house for rent near me,” then you’ve come to the right place.

The Solution To The Loud Outside World

The answer to finding a tiny house for rent near me could be only a few miles down the road. You don’t have to travel thousands of miles to be closer to nature. Check out our little mini houses that let you live large, yet feel like you’re roughing it in the outdoors. Each vacation rental brings you the comfort of your own home. You get all you need without the need for a lantern to sleep. It’s so nice at times to just get back to the basics of life when life is so fast and crazy all of the time. Bigger and better is the usual speed for most people. Vacation in a tiny house for rent near me is the perfect solution to get away from the outside world, yet still feel like you’re glamping.

Why Rent A Tiny House

Tiny homes aren’t just down the road from you. They’re all over the world. Whether you want to enjoy a little holiday getaway with your family or take time away with your significant other, a tiny home has all you need. You can focus on the activities near the home rather than cleaning it up all day. When you don’t need the extravagance of a huge vacation rental home, a tiny house is perfect. You sleep and eat in your home then get outside for adventures in the morning. You can sit by the fire well into the night, then retire to your comfortable bed. Take a hike, explore waterfalls, go for adventures in the city, and/or just sit staring at the beauty of nature. Whatever you do outside your tiny home refreshes you.

Not Your Everyday Hotel

Think of the nicest hotel you’ve ever stayed in. Unless you rented the penthouse, you probably didn’t stay in a huge area. A tiny home offers this time of five-star access with more privacy. You get outdoor access. You may get a fireplace. A hotel can’t have the same access to the beauty of the outdoors like a tiny home. These are more original than hotels. They feel just like home with a little less space than most homes.

Turn Back Time

Maybe our ancestors had the right idea about living in a small space. Most of them didn’t live in mansions. Their tiny houses were where entire families went to sleep at night. No one needed the luxuries of today. It was basic. It was simple, yet it was a joyous time for most people. Taking away the luxuries brings us back to nature. You can do this type of camping anywhere in the world. Mini vacation homes can be found right beside waterfalls, along the beach, high in the mountains, and just about anywhere you can think of to camp. If you don’t like setting up a tent, shivering through the night and taking bathroom breaks in the forest, a tiny home for camping is perfect for you. We seem to dream of simpler times even when we live in mansions. We clean our enormous homes, yet don’t want to go on vacation to do the same. A tiny house for camping gives us the luxury of turning back time. You still get all of the luxuries of a vacation, but you feel one with nature. You get to take control of your vacation by enjoying time with your family in a sweet, close setting without all the pain of a huge vacation home.