Year: 2020

Best Tiny House Camping in Tampa, FL

Circle Pond is a private tiny home community in South Hillsborough County, Florida.

With a focus on nature, accessibility and tiny living, this community is situated on nearly five acres  with lots surrounding Circle Pond. This well appointed property offers clients options for long term tiny living and a beautiful natural setting while still providing accessibility to all your common needs.

With 12 tiny house spaces available for monthly or yearly rent this community is focused on providing long term locations for permanent tiny home living. With educational, cultural and employment opportunities available within walking or biking distance this unique community truly has a lot to offer! 

Lot space available for $450 per month. Includes water, sewer, garbage, lawn care, access to community garden and electricity. Tiny home must be certified safe and utilize instant hot water system

Arts, Culture and Entertainment at your doorstep. With the Firehouse Cultural Center, Hillsborough Community College and the Amazon Fulfillment Center within walking and biking distance. Circle Pond is the perfect Tiny location!

Why you don’t need “STUFF” to live a great life. Time to go Tiny?

Material Possessions Cause More Harm Than Good For Most

I have so many friends that have boats, multiple houses, multiple cars, multiple closets for all their clothes or wifes purses and shoes.  It is honestly pretty cool, but what do I care?  I don’t care about their “stuff”, I care about them, I care about how they make me laugh, how they make me feel better by having a conversation with them about my problems or feelings.  Not their stuff.  If you hang out with people because of the stuff they have, you’re a piece of shit.  Plain and simple.

We have become a society of “what kind of car do you have” or “what neighborhood do you live in” like we are searching to hang out with someone as a status symbol.  With all that going on we are also trying to become people with more “stuff” because we think it will make us feel better or look better for other people. We work 60-70 hours a week, answering emails, punching the clock, working harder and ultimately killing ourselves for “stuff”.  Trust me, I have been there, done that….

Why didn’t anyone tell me this earlier!

When I look back I wish someone would have told me sooner that all of that doesn’t matter as much.   Simplicity is so much easier.  Less “stuff” is so much easier.  Focusing on people you love, or passions you have is SO much easier.  “Stuff” weighs you down, it makes you less nimble, it makes you focus on the wrong things in life.  Don’t get me wrong, I like nice things, but if I buy something, I do it because it is going to be useful in my life or has a purpose.

I started a Tiny house construction company back in 2016 because I realized people who got caught up in the society norm of buying big houses they can barely afford, nice cars they barely drive and “stuff they never use wasn’t going to last forever.  The switch to simpler living began about 10 years ago after the Great Recession (I believe) which led so many people to lose everything they had, everything they worked for because of what?  A bigger house?  A bigger boat?  Trying to impress people that don’t give a shit about them?  I think so….

Maybe you have a different opinion but that’s mine.  Now our company builds small homes for people downsizing later in life, young couples who don’t want to get burdened with debt, people that want to live a simpler life and follow their passions instead of the crazy corporate ladder and work solely to pay their mortgage, credit card bills and car payments.  You can bee a hustler and live simple.  You can make a lot of money and live simple.  You can wear your Gucci shoes and live simple.  Living simple and having less stuff doesn’t make you less driven, less ambitious or less of a person.

It makes you nimble, it gives you freedom, it gives you opportunity because you are not stressed about “stuff”.  The simple life is becoming more apparent to me in my late 30’s and I couldn’t be happier.  When will people start focusing on their health, their mental well being and their life instead of work and buying “stuff”?  I don’t know, but there is no better time than now!

Best Tiny House Camping in North Carolina

Georgeous Stays in Bryson City

The Nantahala Outdoor Center is one of my favorite places on the planet whether you are looking for kayaking, survival skills training, an access point for the Appalachian trail or just a relaxing beer by the rivers edge. Not far from this adventure headquarters you will find Gorgeous Stays tiny house retreat.

Gorgeous Stays “is built on 6 .75 acres. It has parking by each accommodation, places to relax by the stream, games for sunny or rainy days and friendship. Community fire pits, a food pavilion and propane grills make the evenings relaxing. Guests can gaze at the stars and listen to the stream that meanders through the property or join other up at the Lodge for comradery, conversation or games.

Tiny House Camping Bryson City NC

Gorgeous Stays is super easy to find on US Hwy 19 West in the Nantahala Gorge, 12 miles west of Bryson City. It is conveniently located within 2 miles of 4 rafting companies, 2 ziplines, a ropes Adventure Park. the Appalachian Trail and the Nantahala River (best fly-fishing river in the Southeast). Tsali National Forest (well-known for mountain biking), the Blue Ridge Parkway, Tail-of-the-dragon (Hwy 129 for motorcycle enthusiasts) and The Great Smokey Mountain Railway, are all less than an hour
away. So the location couldn’t be better!”

Covid-19 Quarantine Highlights Need for Connection

Are the birds more active in the backyard or are you simply more present and aware of details you typically block out? The Covid-19 quarantine is highlighting the importance of our connection with ourselves, humanity and the natural world around us.

Fewer Distractions = Increased Awareness

They typical working American is bombarded with information, notifications, expectations and conversations from the moment we open our eyes in the morning till we fall asleep at night. As many people are out of work, working from home or going through some form of career transition our professional lives have changed breaking away from the comfort of our normal routines.

In our personal lives we may initially have more distractions with home schooling, reacting from losing a job or changes in personal relationships based on social distancing. As a new normal sets in though, many of us are developing a deeper perspective on the superficial nature of social media, text conversations, online dating and let’s be honest many of our personal relationships. Shocker when you’re less distracted you’re more equipped to see clearly.

connection with nature covid

More Awareness = Desire for Connection

With less distraction, more awareness and a bit of perspective on superficial connections in our life we awaken our desire for deep connection. We strive for ways to connect with ourselves. Ways to feel at home sitting still with ourselves when our normal coping mechanisms are no longer easily available. We notice how fulfilling “nature watching” can be and remind ourselves of lying on our backs as children watching the clouds in the sky. Was that connection not more authentic than many of your relationships at work, the grocery store or bank? As we tire of conversations driven by propaganda on our digital devices, video games and sharing memes what remains is a desire for more authentic connection.

Connecting with Nature

Forest Bathing is becoming a more well known term. Forest Holidays reports “Originating in Japan – you may have seen it called shinrin yoku – Forest Bathing is an accepted part of Japanese preventative health care because of the mental, physical and spiritual health benefits it delivers. Also known as forest therapy, it draws on thousands of years of intuitive knowledge – we are part of nature and we have a deep need to feel that connection.

But does it work? Forest Bathing has been around as a concept in Japan since the early 1980’s and scientists there continue to conduct a large amount of research into its benefits, concluding that it deserves its place in the Japanese health-care system. More general research into the area of nature connections suggests that the real and long-term benefits include, among other things, reduced stress, improved immunity, lower blood pressure and accelerated recovery from illness or trauma.

1. Reduces your stress

Yoshifumi Miyazaki, a professor at Chiba University in Japan, has found that leisurely forest walks yield a 12.4 per cent decrease in the stress hormone, cortisol, compared with urban walks.

2. Improves your mood

Academics at Derby University have conducted a meta study of existing research which concludes that connecting to nature can be linked to happiness and mental wellbeing.

3. Frees up your creativity

In one study by David Strayer, a psychology professor at the University of Utah, participants saw a 50% improvement in creative problem solving after three days immersed in nature with all access to modern technology removed.

4. Boosts your immune system

Trees and plants emit ‘phytoncides’ which we breathe in when we spend time in the forest. These have been proven in studies by Qing Li, a Japanese shinrin yoku researcher, to enhance the activity of Natural Killer cells that help our bodies to fight disease.

5. Reduces high blood pressure

Forest Bathing has been proven to reduce blood pressure, a crucial factor in maintaining a healthy heart.

6. Accelerates your recovery from illness

The most well-known study in this area by Dr Roger Ulrich, an architect specializing in healthcare building design, showed that even a natural view from a window reduced convalescence time by a day, compared to an urban view.”

What defines a tiny house?

Tiny House on Foundation

Per Section AQ102 of the 2018 International Residential Code : A Tiny House is considered a Dwelling that is 400 square feet in floor area or less, excluding lofts. … A Dwelling is any building that contains one or two Dwelling Units intended to be used and occupied for living purposes.

tiny house on foundation interior

Tiny House on Wheels

Tiny houses on wheels have a less unified structure to building standards, inspections, licensing and placement. Most states classify a tiny house on a trailer an RV. In that case all state regulations for an RV apply to your tiny home including where you can park, how long it can be in continuous habitation and hookup requirements. Check your states regulations on RVs. Some states do classify a tiny house on a trailer as a park model mobile home certified by HUD in which case your tiny home would fall under those regulations. Its still complicated as this industry develops there are challenges!

Tiny Challenges: Too few places to live!

According to The Tiny House Association “too few legal places to live is the biggest problem in going tiny. It’s a source of difficulty and frustration for tiny house dwellers and lost financial opportunity for the businesses ready to serve them. Whether you already live tiny, or hope to one day, it just makes sense to work now to change the rules so that your preferred lifestyle will be a viable option in the place you want to live.

ATHA volunteers across the country are helping craft the tiny friendly ordinances that your community needs too. Instead of reinventing the wheel, help support their work.

Then put their experiences—both good and bad—to use helping right-size the housing policies where you want to live. Let’s be honest. Changing the rules is hard. It takes time. But it will go better with your help, and may not happen at all without it.” is working to help solve that problem! Search tiny house camping or communities now!

Best tiny home builders in Florida

What to look for in a builder

When searching for a tiny house builder in Florida or any other state there are few things to be aware of to make the optimal choice. Some are the typical things you would want to know from any construction contractor such as how long they have been in business, how many times have they done what you are asking them to do, referrals and pricing. When searching for a tiny home builder you will also want to understand which building codes or standard they comply with. This could be one of the national standards such as HUD and RVIA or could be a more localized solution like Buildsworth or NOAH.

Tiny House Interior

Tampa Bay Tiny Homes

We are a little biased for sure but our favorite tiny home builder in Florida is Tampa Bay Tiny Homes. “With 20 years of residential new home construction,  extensive remodeling, refinishing and project  site management Tampa Bay Tiny Homes is a premier provider of tiny house design and build services.  We were founded in 2016 by a group of local business owners who had a strong desire to have more positive impact on the world with the work they were doing.  Being lucky enough to have friends and business partners with diverse backgrounds in construction, real estate, horticulture, technology and program management allowed us to organically grow into Tampa Bay Tiny Homes!”

Tiny House Builder Florida

Other builders in Florida

In addition to Tampa Bay Tiny Homes two reputable builders we have personal experience with are Movable Roots and Cornerstone Tiny Homes. Movable Roots is a small builder who focuses equally on their standard build options and completely custom homes. They have done some really unique and quality builds over the past few years. Cornerstone Tiny Homes is more of a traditional builder who got into the tiny house business. They are more formal and produce high quality more lego block style tiny homes. Between these two builders you have some solid options depending on the type of experience and build you are seeking. 

Why do people like tiny house camping?

What is it about camping in a tiny house that’s different from a tent, an RV or a cabin? For some people that maybe the novelty that’s something they haven’t experienced before. For others it’s the simplicity, the design, the cost or  sustainability. Underlying our curiosity about Tiny House camping is a desire to live differently. By shedding many of the luxuries and material possessions that normally occupy us we have time to focus on the beauty of nature all around us. Time to notice the animals moving through the leaves, the birds and squirrels in the trees. time to let our mind wander rather than  mindlessly move from task to task. Tiny House camping may start as a novelty weekend adventure and lead to a total lifestyle transformation.

Tiny House Camping

Just because its fun and different!

Never been in a tiny house? Tiny House camping could be a great way to explore this unique lifestyle with little investment or risk. Simply enjoy being in a well-designed tiny house for a weekend getaway, see what it’s like to live in close quarters. how can you take the lessons you learned by living minimalistically back to your everyday life. What did you pray for? What do you have that you didn’t even think about? What could you get rid of? What has this experience shown you about yourself? I highly recommend our weekend of Tiny House camping in a beautiful area you’ve never explored!  Western North Carolina has so many amazing spots.

All the nature, none of the sacrifice

Glamping is a big term these days and it makes sense because what would be better than having most of the luxuries of home but being out in nature. Tiny House camping truly provides the best of the best when it comes to glamping. Feel completely at home with all the amenities of your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, electricity and more. Feel more at home with materials that remind you of a typical residential home versus the feel of an RV. many tiny house camping locations have decks for that patio feel with amazing views.

Tiny house design is so interesting! 

The Unique Designs that are implemented by tiny house builders can be the main show! Using beautiful unique materials and well thought-out space-saving designs many builders are creating true works of art. every small detail is considered when you’re working with so little space. Many people can appreciate having multiple uses for everything in the home. hiding useful compartments and features out of normal sight can be really intriguing. With so many amazing tiny homes there’s always a new design feature to talk about. The more Tiny House camping weekends the better!

Tiny house camping can be sustainable

When built and located properly tiny homes can be extremely sustainable. That starts from design, material selections, construction and site development. many tiny homes are built with upcycled or repurposed materials. Pallet wood, reclaimed wood floors, used windows and doors are just a few examples. features like solar, wind, water catchment, compostable toilets are commonplace. Many tiny houses have grey water systems, high efficiency appliances, fireplaces and gardens. 

There are so many reasons to enjoy tiny house camping for the weekend, for a few years or for a lifetime!

Does Camping in a Tiny House Present a Realistic Option?

Can you go camping in the United States in a tiny house? The answer to this question interests numerous fans of these diminutive structures. The availability of tiny house camping typically depends upon the type (and size) of your dwelling. However, today a large number of private campgrounds and RV parks welcome visitors towing tiny houses. You can find a tiny house campground in most states!

Diverse Tiny House Designs

Just like other types of houses, tiny homes embrace a wide array of sizes, styles, and floor plans. Permanently affixed structures won’t serve the purposes of most campers, (unless the owners buy or lease a permanent residential lot in the campground, of course LOL!). Don’t plan on relocating a permanently situated tiny home into the wilderness during a brief vacation.

However, a large number of tiny houses do facilitate travel and tiny house camping. Small homes constructed on towed platforms or carriages lend themselves to temporary relocations. Width, length and height all matter for tiny house camping purposes; in some cases, a tiny dwelling essentially doubles as a trailer home on wheels.

Select a Portable Model For Tiny House Camping

It makes sense to choose your tiny house design with your long term goals for the home in mind. For instance, if you plan on using a tiny house like a travel trailer at a tiny house campground, then it generally makes sense to search for a compact, light weight one story (or at the most, two story), portable model. You’ll need to find a design capable of meeting your state’s requirements for towed trailer homes or fifth wheels. Remember, if you plan on taking your tiny house into a camping area, you may need to travel along mountainous highways, through narrow tunnels, and beneath underpasses or low bridges in order to reach your destination.

By contrast, if you envision affixing your tiny house to a permanent foundation, then you may wish to consider additional designs and floor plans for your residence. Today, buyers and builders enjoy access to a wide array of creative tiny house models. Some diminutive homes offer multi-story convenience. They tower upwards two, three, or even four levels in height.

Check With Campgrounds in Advance

To avoid disappointment while camping in a tiny house, you’ll also want to confirm the camp’s willingness to accept these structures in a specific camping area. In general, private campgrounds and RV parks permit customers to camp in tiny houses more readily than conventional public campgrounds. National Parks and most State Parks seek to minimize the environmental footprint of visitors on the landscape. Their regulations may not accept many models of tiny houses, especially if these structures maintain high or overly wide dimensions. Many public parks supply narrow roadways; their rules sometimes place limitations upon the types of vehicles capable of accessing certain natural areas.

Some tiny house owners do report they receive a welcome reception at most private camps. Since tiny house campground rules change from time to time, it makes sense to check first, however. Also contact the Motor Vehicle Departments of every state you plan to enter on your way to (or from) the campground. They’ll inform you about any specific statewide transportation regulations applying to your tiny house camping vehicle. Depending upon its dimensions, you may need to comply with specific towing regulations for wide loads, for example. Some states may expect you to stop at weigh stations.

Plan Your Entire Tiny House Camping Trip

As you prepare for a camping trip in a tiny house, consider keeping your research well organized. Putting all your paperwork in a single binder or file helps. You’ll save time and money by planning as many details of your travel itinerary as possible in advance.

By ensuring you can transport your tiny house legally from its current location to a specific campground along a designated route, you’ll enjoy an easier trip. Make sure you know the specific dimensions of your tiny house trailer. Also carry along any applicable registrations or permits, insurance documents, and other paperwork for this home on wheels. Having accurate information at your fingertips could prove important if unexpected events impact your journey.

A Fun Vacation!

Today, tiny house camping appeals to a growing number of people. These diminutive houses provide a wonderful place for relaxation. Savor a great campground stay in your cute little house on wheels!

Tiny House Camping and Tiny Houses for Rent near me

The tiny house trend is moving into the world of camping and vacation homes. Planning a weekend getaway no longer means you have to rent a crazy huge house. You’re never there for long anyway. We’ve got a look into the world of tiny house camping.

Tiny House Camping Takes Off

A tiny house takes camping, or glamping, to the next level. Tiny house camping is all about the space of a traditional home, yet in tiny quarters. Each of the homes has a unique living space. They’re focused on only the necessities. Tiny houses are like travel trailers without wheels. Also, you don’t need to worry about maintenance and gas if you’re renting them. Tiny house camping is about getting back to basics by being one with nature. The only difference is you aren’t sleeping on the ground in a tent. You get to enjoy the luxuries of heating and air conditioning along with a hot shower. If the idea piques your interest and now you’re rushing to the computer to search, “tiny house for rent near me,” then you’ve come to the right place.

The Solution To The Loud Outside World

The answer to finding a tiny house for rent near me could be only a few miles down the road. You don’t have to travel thousands of miles to be closer to nature. Check out our little mini houses that let you live large, yet feel like you’re roughing it in the outdoors. Each vacation rental brings you the comfort of your own home. You get all you need without the need for a lantern to sleep. It’s so nice at times to just get back to the basics of life when life is so fast and crazy all of the time. Bigger and better is the usual speed for most people. Vacation in a tiny house for rent near me is the perfect solution to get away from the outside world, yet still feel like you’re glamping.

Why Rent A Tiny House

Tiny homes aren’t just down the road from you. They’re all over the world. Whether you want to enjoy a little holiday getaway with your family or take time away with your significant other, a tiny home has all you need. You can focus on the activities near the home rather than cleaning it up all day. When you don’t need the extravagance of a huge vacation rental home, a tiny house is perfect. You sleep and eat in your home then get outside for adventures in the morning. You can sit by the fire well into the night, then retire to your comfortable bed. Take a hike, explore waterfalls, go for adventures in the city, and/or just sit staring at the beauty of nature. Whatever you do outside your tiny home refreshes you.

Not Your Everyday Hotel

Think of the nicest hotel you’ve ever stayed in. Unless you rented the penthouse, you probably didn’t stay in a huge area. A tiny home offers this time of five-star access with more privacy. You get outdoor access. You may get a fireplace. A hotel can’t have the same access to the beauty of the outdoors like a tiny home. These are more original than hotels. They feel just like home with a little less space than most homes.

Turn Back Time

Maybe our ancestors had the right idea about living in a small space. Most of them didn’t live in mansions. Their tiny houses were where entire families went to sleep at night. No one needed the luxuries of today. It was basic. It was simple, yet it was a joyous time for most people. Taking away the luxuries brings us back to nature. You can do this type of camping anywhere in the world. Mini vacation homes can be found right beside waterfalls, along the beach, high in the mountains, and just about anywhere you can think of to camp. If you don’t like setting up a tent, shivering through the night and taking bathroom breaks in the forest, a tiny home for camping is perfect for you. We seem to dream of simpler times even when we live in mansions. We clean our enormous homes, yet don’t want to go on vacation to do the same. A tiny house for camping gives us the luxury of turning back time. You still get all of the luxuries of a vacation, but you feel one with nature. You get to take control of your vacation by enjoying time with your family in a sweet, close setting without all the pain of a huge vacation home.